Queen Latifah Looking Comfy & Cool In New York City

The “Single Ladies” actress was spotted walking towards her Range Rover in New York City looking super comfy and very cool. Queen Latifah is a real cool gal that even back in the days when she played tough roles in films such as in “Set It Off” she put off a good a vibe. Queen Latifah is a pretty, cool and amazing role model. Follow Miss Queen Latifah on Twitter, @IAMQUEENLATIFAH.

Queen Latifah recently came out of the closet revealing that she was gay. “As if we all didn’t already know…”

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Beyonce Knowles Enjoys Jetskiing In France

Beyonce and Jay-Z seem to be enjoying their vacation to the fullest. The couple have been hanging out on their private yacht in the South of France. Today, Beyonce decided that it was time for her to go jetskiing in the Mediterranean Sea. The couple have been vacationing in France for awhile now with their daughter Blue Ivy. Just a thought, what in the hell do celebrities always name their kids the oddest names?

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